Business Loan

Business Loan

“MAX VANIJYA & MAX SAMRUDDHI”  MAX VYAPARI KSHEMA loans from Maxvalue Credits and Investment Ltd is designed to meet the financial and business requirements of local traders /small or medium business entrepreneurs, Manufactures, Service providers, Small scale industries etc. for providing working capital, purchase of goods/stock, renovation of existing business/ business premises and other stock / equipment purchase related to existing business.

The Businesspersons who have very less access with the organized fund source and Traders who are depending on the unorganized financial local money lenders with very high interest rate are the main target segments of these schemes. This sector has barely limited access to the organized fund source. The main objective of the company is to support this sector for their business growth by providing short term loans to meet various requirements like meeting working capital, updating of stock in festival seasons etc.

“MAHILA KSHEMA” is a short-term loan designed for women borrowers from Max value Credits and Investment Ltd to provide financial support to meet their personal/domestic needs/requirements. Women borrowers have reasonably good/permanent income to repay the loan.

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