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Money Transfer Service

In today’s interconnected world, seamless money transfers are crucial for individuals and businesses alike. MAXVALUE proudly offers a comprehensive money transfer service that caters to diverse needs and destinations. Whether you’re sending funds to loved ones abroad, settling international business transactions, or making payments across borders, our secure and efficient platform ensures your money reaches its intended recipient promptly and reliably.

MTSS (Money Transfer Service Scheme – Receive money from abroad)

1. Max value Providing “Inward remittance” service for our customers for last 2 years, this facility is available for Kerala & Karnataka branches.

2. We have tie up with two leading money transfer principal agencies as their subagents like…Western union, Ria Money, Transfast & Money Gram

3. Customers can utilize this option for the purpose of Family maintenance, Education, medical etc..

4. Customers can receive money from more than 200 countries across the world.

AML Guidelines

A. Beneficiary (Receipients) of money is for individuals above 18years old
B. The Maximum Permissible limit per transaction in indian rupee equivalent of USD 2500
C. All Remittances exceeding Rs.50000/- shall be paid only be cheque/DD/Online transfer
D. Only 30 transactions per beneficiary are permitted in a calendar year
E. Branch shall obtain filled & signed “receive now” form with clear KYC
F. The Receiver shall bring transaction code transpired to him by sender at abroad

Security and trustworthiness

Competitive exchange rates and fees

Fast and reliable transfers

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Customer service & support available across 120+ branches in Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh

Affordability & Compliance

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