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Vehicle Loan

Never worry about waiting too long to buy your dream, vehicle with Maxvalue well-recognized vehicle loan programs which are supported by all major two-wheeler manufacturers and dealers, and give you the best deals at the lowest interest rates. Two-Wheeler Loan Key Features.

Flexible customer friendly  loan schemes

Fast disbursement

Reasonable Interest Rates

Minimal Documentation

Flexible Loan Tenure

Customer service & support available across 150+ branches in Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh.


Empower your journey with our hassle-free Two-Wheeler vehicle loans

Our company vehicle loan program is designed to help your dream of all sizes finance the purchase of new vehicles. We offer competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and a variety of financing options to meet your specific needs. With our fast and easy application process, you can get the financing you need to keep your dream moving. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventure enthusiast, our two-wheeler vehicle loans make your dream ride a reality. With flexible financing options, competitive interest rates, and a seamless application process, we help you navigate the road to ownership with ease. Ride with confidence knowing that our expert team is committed to providing you with an exceptional loan experience.

MAXVALUE has a vast reach and is a name you can trust as one of the most reputable loan companies in Kerala. We are well-known for the various services we offer, so you can be confident that we will give a pleasant experience for all of our customers.

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